/HE-nar a-LAI/
Graphic Designer


Experimental Type
Installation Size
8’ x 4’

Time is infinite, everything else is ephemeral. The word ephemeral can be defined as anything that lives for a short time. This, however, is a subjective term. For instance, the life of a cicada is very short, especially when compared to human life which is also short when compared to the life of planet earth. Throughout Latin America, there is a tradition the commemorates Jesus Christ’s life during the week that precedes Easter. This tradition consists of carrying a big altar in a procession that usually starts from inside a church and goes around town. People decorate the streets with carpets made out of sawdust that create a path for the procession to follow.

By using sawdust, the life of this piece of art is already compromised as it would not last. Also, the sawdust alludes to the sands of time.

©Genar Alay 2021